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It’s Now Cool To Wear A Fanny Pack Again

What a time to be alive.

What a time to be alive.

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The fanny pack is back. Yes, it’s not a lie, the fanny pack is back in fashion! It’s been out of fashion for quite some time, but believe it or not, the fanny pack is making a comeback.

The return of 1990s fashion is the simple explanation for this fanny pack boom. This wonderful accessory was originally popular with ravers, in that they could move freely while carrying literally all they need. Now, however, they have been switched from ‘hash bags’ to ‘manny packs’ due to the increasing number of men donning the accessory.

Rapper Skepta is one of many to recently wear the fanny pack, while A$AP Rocky has also been spotted with the now-stylish Balenciaga pack. Practical, no?

The fanny pack has an interesting history, with early references dating all the way back to 15th century France. They also made a revival in the 19th century, then known as the ‘buffalo pouch’. And the fanny pack from more recent times, according to the New York Times, was inspired by kangaroo pouches, designed by Australian Melba Stone in 1962.

It has of course been reinvented throughout time, with more iconic photos developing in the 1980s, most notably when Chanel photographed Claudia Schiffer wearing a leather fanny pack featuring the iconic double C logo.

And so now it’s both cool and practical to don a fanny pack in this day and age, so all you out there who like to look stylish, get down to the shops and buy that all-important fanny pack!

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