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New Technology To Keep Car Windows Ice-Free

Say goodbye to scraping ice off your windows!

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No more cold mornings scraping ice off of your car windows with your credit card – introducing ‘Duxback’: your new saviour.

Originally a treatment for plane windows, Duxback is now being used for cars. This new technology is being called a ‘miracle treatment’ by Halfords.

Duxback is proven to stop ice forming on car windows for up to six months. Not only this, but it also benefits you in rain, improving visibility by 35%. The technology even removed the need for wipers when driving at speeds of 40 miles per hour or higher, making the water just ‘fall off’ the window.
The difference Duxback can make with rain (via).

The company website praises the product:

‘Research has shown that visibility is improved by 35% when driving in pouring rain. Furthermore a driver’s ability to identify a small object when driving in foul conditions is improved by 25%. A 25% improvement in reaction time is 58 feet at 40 MPH. Enough to save a life!’

Duxback costs only £24.99, the product containing the treatment itself, plus brushes and wipes. If you aren’t the most practically gifted, you can go into Halfords and have them apply it for you.

It has been especially cold recently, so now could be a great time to get this ‘miracle treatment’ for your car to help you through these chilly months.

But even in the summer, Duxback will be useful, as its implementation makes it easier to remove small bugs!

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