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This Human Sized Rat Trap Will Solve All Your Problems

Why else would you need a human-sized rat trap?

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It’s common to invest time and money supporting a candidate that you believe will change your community for the better, someone who will represent your image and be your voice. Sometimes, not everyone agrees with you, and that’s okay. But what’s not okay is stealing campaign signs right off of someone’s lawn.

Joseph Kowalchick has come up with the perfect solution for notorious sign thieves. Joseph is running for public office in Norwegian Township, Pennsylvania. Hoping to get elected as the township supervisor, he’s adamant on catching the burglars who’ve been stealing his campaign signs off of people’s lawns.

He wants to catch these thieving rats. How does he plan to do this? With a rat trap, of course! A human sized one.

His grand plan is to fix all of his campaign signs with huge rat traps underneath. He says:

“Yeah, it’s meant to be a little funny. It’s meant to prove a point that we’re actually fed up with it.”

While it may be funny, this trap (which actually weighs 250 pounds) could potentially mean someone’s death if they somehow did not see the ginormous rat trap and attempted to steal the sign anyway. But I suppose it serves its purpose. No one will ever mess with Joe’s signs again.

If you thought that this was both funny and dangerous, you’re adrenaline will definitely fire up for this Savage Brawl Between Two Angry Passengers.

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