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Gold Paste Mistaken For Poo By Airport Officials

Some serious sh*t.

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For some reason it is always stress any time you have to go through security at the airport, even when you have nothing illegal on you. Imagine how much worse you would feel if you were carrying something like that though. It is probably even worse if what you have gets mistaken for human poop. Exactly what a guy had to deal with on a trip from Dubai. 

The man in question was carrying a small pouch of gold paste around his waist, which was discovered by security officials during a routine frisking. At first they thought it was just a weird guy carrying around a bag of poop, but after explaining that it was gold paste the bag was confiscated. It is under the £22,000 limit in India, so all the guy has to do is pay the fine and it will all be returned to him.

Although, clearly he does not have this money as the man was trying to hide it from officials. This is what one of the security officials had to say:

“During frisking, a sub-inspector from the CISF detected something under the passenger’s pants as the metal detector beeped.
The man was asked to step aside and cooperate with the officers for a detailed check. On manual checking, we found a pouch tied below the man’s waist with a masking tape.
When we cut the pouch open, there was a dark yellow paste in it which was initially thought to be human excreta.”

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