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Gamers Concerned Females In COD Will Make Experience Unrealistic

They’ve gone back to WWII.

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Most gamers are stoked for the new Call of Duty because it’s going back to what originally made the game so great. Ditching the futuristic elements that have caused some players to loose interest, the new COD will focus around world World War 2. The first multiplayer trailer was released two days ago, and there’s been a lot of positive feedback.

It was confirmed on April 29th by Sledgehammer games on twitter that there would be the option to play as a female character. People in  the dark, hateful corners of the gamer fandom let their be known within hours of the tweet being posted.

Youtuber ‘Eight Thoughts’ ranted about the reasons why he was so upset in a video entitled “Females in COD WW2 Multiplayer Confirmed – FEMINISM CANCER Infects Call of Duty.”

Disclaimer: extremely cringey misogyny and fedoras.

After one minute and seven seconds nausea-inducing content, you get the gist. He hates women. I might even go as far as to urge you not to watch it.  Save your sanity and take my word for it. It’s clear ‘Eight Thought’s’ main argument is that women “didn’t storm the beaches of normandy” so the video game is not realistic. Surely people don’t really think like this, right? The 85,926 views, 5,050 likes, and 1,904 comments say differently. Whatever you do . . . just don’t read the comment section.

For a different brand of misogyny, watch what got this Tennis player banned from French Open.

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