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The Donald Trump Valentine’s Cards Range Is Here!

Make Valentine’s Day great again.

These Valentine’s cards are such to get you the partner of your dreams… 

Some of the Valentine’s cards on sale are way too mushy for most of us. What’s wrong with a simple ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’? Why do people think that we all need to declare our love with a soppy 50 line poem?

Well, for the less flamboyant of us, there’s good news! What could be as far away from a love poem as possible? Donald Trump, that’s what. 

Yes, some genius has taken Trump’s well known facts and phrases and made hilarious Valentine’s cards out of them.

Take a look at this selection!

Trump Valentine's 1

Trump Valentine's 3

Trump Valentine's 4

Trump Valentine's 5

Trump Valentine's 7

Trump Valentine's 8

Trump Valentine's 9


All things considered, these cards do highlight some of the outrageous, racist and inappropriate actions that are becoming a reality of life in America.

They are pretty funny though with the seriousness aside, and with all the chaos happening in America, it’s good to know that people are still able to laugh about their new President.

For more brilliant card ideas, look back on what we did last year. 

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