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Best Valentine’s Day Gift For All the Chicken Lovers

Scratch and sniff KFC cards are here!

"You're a snack, wanna cluck, Becki?" Card By:

Moonpig, a UK-based holiday-card production company, has partnered up with KFC, for an unthinkable new product that will only be available until Valentine’s Day 2020!  With their new range of scratch ‘n sniff cards that smell like chicken, it is safe to say that their partnership led to a never seen before product.

Even though Moonpig ordinarily ships their products to all around the world, from US to UK to Australia, however, this product will only be available to the UK residents.

The cards come with a range of different quirky sayings, from: “I love you (almost) more than KFC”, to “Tonight, the chicken comes first”. While the inside of the card is not customizable, it would be a better idea for the fans to ship the card to themselves directly, so they can write a note, and then gift it to someone else.

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With a selection of 7 rather affordable cards to choose from, it is safe to say that KFC and Moonpig have saved us the headache of having to choose from a bunch of try-hard hallmark cards. These cards cost £3.29 a piece, however with shipping and handling, they come out to £9.28.

While the card might seem a bit overpriced after shipping and handling, however, KFC has officially stated that 10% of the proceeds will go to the KFC charity foundation.

Your Valentine’s Day dinner:

As KFC’s creativity surged in 2020, they also came up with the idea of “KFC popcorn chicken Pizza”. Partnering up with Pizza Hut, they now offer a limited edition pizza, that comes on a classic crust, with a gravy base, mozzarella cheese, and KFC popcorns sprinkled on top.

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With this limited-edition pizza, you have the option of choosing whether or not you want garlic in your classic large size pizza. Act fast, because it is only available until February 16, 2020.

Now, if your special someone’s a HUGE KFC lover, thanks to Trill! Magazine and KFC, you’ve got your Valentine’s day card and cheap-dinner planned. If you would like to add a small gift, here are some ideas for you. 

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