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Apparently Cocktail Bath Bombs Are Now A Thing

I’ll have 10 please.


2018 has felt exceedingly dull and depressing so far. January felt like it lasted about 3 years. February barely felt like it even happened. I think what everyone needs is some GOOD news. So here it is: Cocktail bath bombs are apparently a thing now.

There are many, lets say, innovative bath bombs out there. One of the internet’s personal favourites has always been Lush’s aesthetic galaxy bath bomb.

There is even better to come. Tequila company Patrón have come up with a brand new and extremely interesting product.  The company are cleverly combining two things that people love: bath bombs and alcohol. It is not a bath bomb exactly, but something of similar effect. It can be dropped in cocktails to give it a bit of that extra something.

The bath-bomb style product will give the drink a sweet, fruity flavour. We have all had a sip of a cocktail that’s maybe a bit TOO strong, for which this would be perfect. Just like a bath bomb, once in the liquid, it will fizz and dissolve . There are apparently six different flavours to choose from. These include: Passion Fruit and Jalapeño, Lychee and Chia Seed, Celery and Elderflower or Pickled Plum and Kelp Tea.

The only potential problem with this product is that it’ll make the drinks taste so nice, you may end up having one too many. In the meantime, the bombs will not be available to mainstream public. They will be sold exclusively in New York club Norwood who have a partnership with Patrón. Assuming this goes smoothly, they should hopefully become available to the main public in the near future. There’s also no denying this product will make cocktail-making a much simpler process. The benefits are endless!

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