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50 Cent Accidentally Made 8 Million Dollars On Bitcoin

Better than 50c that’s for sure!

Credit: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Four years ago, 50 Cent decided to explore the world of Bitcoin. Today, he’s reaping the benefits.

It turns out that his bitcoin increased twentyfold since 2014, specifically rising from $400,000 to $8 million. Apparently, he acquired the initial $400,000 (at the time equivalent to 700 bitcoins) through a fraction of the proceeds for his album Animal Ambition.

He decided to take a risk, offering his fans the chance to buy the album with bitcoin as opposed to money. That was a great decision clearly.

His former digital director, Corentin Villemur, came up with the idea. Hopefully, he received an impressive thank you card.  

50 Cent couldn’t have predicted the value of bitcoin sky-rocketing to this extent if he easily forgot about the unused account but either way, he seems grateful:

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