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People Left Shocked by Tesla Driver’s 12-Month Electric Bill

The driver shares their first electric bill in 12 months and people are shocked by the fee.

Tesla driver
Tesla is famous in the electric car scene, as one of the world's most valuable companies. Credit: Shutterstock/BoJack

A Tesla driver has left people taken aback after sharing his electric bill, showing the fee. Today, Tesla is one of the leaders in the electric vehicle market and is in high demand. It’s also highly demanding of people’s money.

Many argue that electric cars are the future, but many also avoid investing in a Tesla due to their expense. The costs of electricity continue to rise, which further prevents some people from driving electric cars. People were surprised when one Tesla owner shared his 12-month electric bill- but not in the way you expect.

Sharing a photo of his electric bill on X, formerly known as Twitter, the man wrote: “First time I have had a bill in the last 12 months. This sucks.” You may be asking, what’s the total of the bill? $2.37. Very unexpected, considering his bill wasn’t even in the double digits.

Tesla electric bill
“First time I have had a bill within the last 12 months.” Credit: X/@Tesla_GTownTX

How was the owner’s bill so low?

The owner still had to pay a hefty amount in the past, so he could enjoy the low costs now. He installed a Tesla Powerwall, which is a giant battery that connects to your home’s power and is more useful if you have solar panels. Whilst the solar panels power the house, any excess charge is used to power the Tesla.

According to Forbes, Powerwalls start at around $11,500 and some others cost as much as $15,000. It still costs a pretty penny. Over a couple of years, it could be worth your time and money, as there are benefits like low-price electric bills. However, it is definitely a huge investment.

People on X replied to the man’s photo with sarcastic sympathy. One person commented: “Damn my dude post a GoFund Me the community will rally around you, I’m sure.” Another person said: “Man, my sympathies to you in this horrible time.”

Although electric cars are looking like the way forward, some people are put off by the rising electricity costs. Credit: Shutterstock/The Bold Bureau

For those of you wondering, the new 2024 models start from $38,990, being the cheapest price available in the market. The most common way people purchase Teslas is they finance them with a payment plan since everyone may not have 30+ grand in their back pocket. Down payments of about $10,000 may be required in some cases in purchasing a Tesla.

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