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VIDEO: UFC Fighter Mike Perry Avoids Arrest Despite Knocking Out Old Man

UFC fighter Mike Perry somehow evades jail after antics at Texas restaurant.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr / Adeleke Michael

When you go out to a bar and or restaurant, you are looking to have a good time. Grab a burger, beer, and chat it up with your significant other or a couple of your friends. None of that includes getting knocked out by a professional fighter UFC fighter

Earlier this week at the Lubbock Texas restaurant, Table 82, UFC fighter Mike ‘Platinum’ Perry knocked out one older gentleman right before his exit. An exit that also included a slew of racial slurs.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Perry told police that as he was trying to leave people were, “putting their hands on me”. But as the video above clearly shows, there is no evidence indicating that is what actually happened. 

According to witnesses, what actually happened was that Perry first got in a physical altercation at his table. From there he was asked by an employee to leave the restaurant, which prompted Perry to punch the worker. 

The aforementioned knock-out happened after that, adding Perry’s assault total up to three individuals. But for some reason, the fighter was able to evade arrest. 

What the fighter did is totally inexcusable. Whatever the case may be, no one should put their hands on someone the way he did at Table 82. Perry was acting like he was in the octagon with the entire dining room. 

His childish behavior continued after the fact when he was throwing out the N-word as he was leaving: something he apparently does all the time. 

As a big sports fan, I can honestly say before this I had no idea who Mike Perry was. I am not that into UFC or MMA, but I still no a decent amount of fighters: Perry was not one of them. 

I know that is kind of irrelevant information, but I know I am not the only one on this island. For a lot of people out there, myself included, Perry, will forever be known as the jerk who uses racial slurs and beats up old men because he can’t control his emotions (berry mojitos or not).

I still can not believe that no consequences came of Perry’s actions. The fighter was bombarded on social media like anyone else would have been, but how was he not arrested? I have no clue, but hopefully, there will be some answers as to why soon. 

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