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The Incredible ‘Manramp’ Is Back In New Thrasher Video

As tough as Mike Vallely?

It’s back-breaking labor, but Manramp is always down to spice up a session. This wild edit features Greyson Fletcher, Nyjah Huston, Mark Appleyard, Evan Smith, Dave Mull and others.

Manramp is gritty as f*ck.

The total bro will sit atop halfpipes and lean himself up against the back railing just to provide the perfect bit of extra vert for a nice steep transition back into the pipe.

He’ll stand directly in the middle of the ramp and let you launch off him on one side, and before you skate back, kindly hold up his wood plank so you can boardslide it on the way down- the dude instantly makes any skatepark- even the Element skate camp, better.

Rolling with skate icons like Nyjah Huston and Mark Appleyard, Manramp isn’t phased by one or even two skaters launching or landing atop him, even if his head gets bounced from wood to ground in a split-second impact. He simply just gives up his body for the good of skateboarding.


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