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Dreaming: Scientists Communicate With Lucid Dreamers

You may have experienced this before without realising…

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A new study published on Thursday 18th February in Current Biology, has unveiled how their team has managed to achieve real-time communication with people in the midst of their lucid dreams.

Now you may be wondering what Lucid Dreams actually are?

According to Healthline, Lucid dreaming actually happens when you’re asleep, but aware that you’re dreaming.  This means that even though you’re sleeping, you’re still able to recognise your thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes you can even control parts of your lucid dream such as: where you are, who you are with, or even what happens!

Healthline also writes that lucid dreaming occurs during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep. This is when your brain is very active, so heart rate and eye movements increase.

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Now for more details on the actual study: The study was conducted upon 36 individuals, and the lucid dreams of those partaking in the study created responses of eye movements and muscle contractions. There’s more, the study also demonstrated the ability of the lucid dreamers to correctly answer maths problems and yes/no questions! 

Thus, the findings of the Current Biology study has revealed that ‘this relatively unexplored communication channel can enable a variety of practical applications and a new strategy for the empirical exploration of dreams.’

When speaking to The Scientist, co-author of the study, Kristoffer Appel, a sleep and dream researcher revealed: ‘it’s exciting to try something that is seemingly impossible- to communicate with someone who’s sleeping.’

It seems a new avenue of communication has opened up: two-way communication between a lucid dreamer and another subject!

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