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Peacock Killed After Hit Is Put Out Through Craigslist Ad

Californian peacock gunned down after man puts up a Craigslist ad looking to ‘get rid of a wild peacock.’

Credit: YouTube / Paul Dinning

A beloved neighborhood mascot was killed last week in what appears to be the doing of a hitman for hire. A beautiful peacock, dubbed Mr. P, was found dead from a gunshot wound in McKinley, California. Mr. P’s death comes a few weeks after an ad on Craigslist was posted requesting assistance in getting, ‘. . .rid of a wild peacock that is disrupting our lives.’

Mr. P was seen as a mascot/pet to the Azelia Heights neighborhood he roamed. Mike and Melissa Glass, residents of the neighborhood, were quoted as saying the peacock became a prominent figure in the community for about six years when he showed up to Melissa’s birthday party unannounced. He comes for the company but stays for extra treats,” Melissa told Local Coast Outpost. 

Image courtesy of Local Coast Outpost

The Glass’s and the rest of Mr.P’s fans were quickly able to determine the culprit of the hitman request due to the geolocation tag on the image of the Craigslist post. That same man previously approached the Glass’s and other neighbors to see if they’d be willing to relocate the peacock. Melissa said the community declined the idea, but when they presented alternatives, the Craigslist poster rudely rejected. 

This stinks. Why did the guy have to put a hit out on Mr.P? I can understand how annoying it could be if, as he said in his post, ‘wakes me up every morning at around 5-5:30am, and continues calling for about 3 hours’, but I can’t imagine he was the only person hearing the call. It wasn’t an issue for anyone else, but apparently, it hit a nerve with this person, who proceeded to go and get the peacock shot. And yes, I am not in this guy’s shoes, but I can’t I would ever get to the point of hiring someone to kill a bird. 

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