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Aerial Footage Shows Chilling Damage Done By The Mayfield Tornado

“This has been the most devastating tornado event in our state’s history.”

Credit: WXChasing/Youtube

On Friday, December 10th, a monstrous tornado and string of storms ripped through the middle of the U.S., killing at least 70 people, derailing a train, and leaving hundreds of businesses in ruins.

The “Quad-State” Tornado Formed On Friday

Starting in Arkansas, this immensely powerful tornado ran through 4 states in 4 hours (Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky).

During its course, it produced an unprecedented amount of damage in numerous locations along the way.

Mayfield, Kentucky was one of the hardest-hit towns.

The tornado that devastated the town of Mayfield was produced by a parent thunderstorm that traveled more than 230 miles. Radar suggested that the Mayfield tornado threw debris over 30,000 feet into the air. That’s the altitude commercial airplanes fly.

The tornado tore apart a candle factory, crushed a nursing home, and smashed an Amazon warehouse.

“I pray that there will be another rescue. I pray that there will be another one or two,” Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said, as crews sifted through the wreckage of the candle factory in Mayfield, where 110 people were working overnight Friday when the storm hit.

Beshear described the tornado as the most devastating one to hit the state, estimating that it might have killed at least 70 people or more than 100.

What Caused A Tornado Of This Caliber?

This event was caused by warm weather combined with high humidity, which is a dangerous mix that produces violent and long-lasting tornados.

What is crazy is that in the Mayfield area, December usually averages the 2nd quietest month for tornadoes annually. From 1995-2020, a total of 15 tornadoes occurred during December. Just in the past week, there have already been 6, and possibly, even more, to be confirmed.

Research reveals that climate change may be causing tornado alley to shift into parts of the Mississippi Valley. However, meteorologists and climate scientists cannot say that tornado frequency has increased globally due to climate change.

What’s Next For Mayfield Kentucky?

Our hearts are with the people in Kentucky and the other regions that were impacted by the tornadoes overnight.

President Joe Biden approved an emergency disaster declaration for Kentucky on Saturday and pledged full support to the affected states.

“I promise you, whatever is needed – whatever is needed – the federal government is going to find a way to provide it,” Biden said.

Countless people and organizations are working on the rebuilding process for these areas.

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