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Take A Look Inside This Beautiful Brazilian Farm Compound

This looks like heaven on earth.

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This stunning property is the home of American singer/songwriter Lenny Kravitz.

Most of us have an idea of what we’d like our dream home to look like, whether it be an open-plan, minimal New York penthouse or a beach side villa. Personally, I’ve always fancied the former.

Singer Lenny Kravitz’s home however, has me green with envy – and it’s a far cry from a swanky apartment.

Located in Brazil, Kravitz’s home is nestled among masses of farmland, which was once home to an 18th century coffee plantation.

In a video posted to Architectural Digest’s Youtube channel, Kravitz says that the land is a fully functioning farm, which boasts a wealth of organic produce that visitors can enjoy.

I might add he says all this while sitting on a (beautiful) horse. He’s living every country bumpkin’s wildest dreams.

Taking us on a tour of the house itself, Kravitz shows off his copper bathtub, modern rustic style decor and 19th century outbuildings. Plus there’s a barbecue, swimming pool and football pitch. What more could you want?

You can take a look for yourself here:

Isn’t it stunning? I can confirm this is my new ideal home.

Seriously though, he looks so relaxed and happy, and I’m really not surprised. I’m sure we’d all be pretty chill if we were living it up on some self-sufficient, beautiful Brazilian farmland that’s secluded from the Donald Trumps of the world.

Ah, we can dream.

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