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A Beginner’s Guide to Hello Kitty Hunting: Locations, Advice and More

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest retail shops to go on the hunt for the cutest Sanrio and Hello Kitty products.

Hello Kitty plushies in a basket.
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Any Hello Kitty fan will tell you that things are just better when they have Sanrio characters on them. But if you want your life to be filled with Hello Kitty, you have to go Hello Kitty hunting. 

What is Hello Kitty Hunting?

Credit: @kimmyayes/TikTok

Hello Kitty hunting is a phrase used to describe shopping with the intention of looking for Sanrio products. There are many TikTok and YouTube videos dedicated to highlighting the Sanrio items Hello Kitty hunters find while shopping and telling viewers to “run, not walk” to their nearest store so they can buy these items too. Many Sanrio fans use these videos as a starting point for their own Hello Kitty hunting, but even then, it can be difficult to know where to start and which stores are currently selling Hello Kitty items.  

For the newer Hello Kitty hunters wondering where they can find more Sanrio products, here’s a list of popular locations to check out when you’re on the hunt.

7 Locations to Go Hunting

1. 5 Below

Credit: @arizonaicedtea444/TikTok

5 Below has recently been receiving a lot of attention from Hello Kitty hunters since the store released a new collection of Hello Kitty items. If you’re looking for more arts-and-craft related Hello Kitty items, you can find a variety at 5 Below including coloring books, art supplies, build sets, journals, and jewelry-making kits. 5 Below also currently has Hello Kitty t-shirts, blankets, bags,  socks, and beauty accessories– anything a Hello Kitty hunter could want when shopping on a budget.

2. Spencer’s and Hot Topic

Both Spencer’s and Hot Topic have Sanrio-related merchandise and accessories. At the moment, it will probably be easier to find Sanrio products at Hot Topic because they’ll have a section of the store dedicated to Hello Kitty and Friends merch including t-shirts, bottoms, jewelry, hair accessories, toys, and bags.

3. Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and Homegoods

Credit: @magnoliamyria/TikTok

A highly sought-after Hello Kitty item was the Impressions for Hello Kitty mirrors. Although these are harder to find because of their popularity, lucky Hello Kitty hunters have found the Impressions for Hello Kitty compact mirrors, trifold LED makeup mirrors, and touch pro LED makeup mirrors. If you’re unable to find the Impressions mirrors, these stores also have Hello Kitty home decor, mugs, makeup, and clothing items, so it’s a good idea to give a look around the entire store before leaving. 

4. Walmart and Target

Both Walmart and Target stock multiple Sanrio-related items. From clothing and accessories to makeup and toys. A good place to start Hello Kitty hunting is your closest Walmart or Target. Target, in particular, has received a lot of attention from Hello Kitty hunters because of its collection of Hello Kitty stuffed toys. In the past, Target stocked Hello Kitty racing stuffed toys, but these are harder to find now. However, most Targets still sell Hello Kitty zodiac plushes, so you can still find a Hello Kitty in your zodiac sign.

5. CVS and Walgreens

If your looking for Hello Kitty makeup and skincare products, CVS and Walgreens are places you can go to find cute Hello Kitty makeup and skincare collections. Currently, at Walgreens, you can find the Pixi + Hello Kitty collection with an eye pallet, blush, eye pen, glow pallet, and lip tone. The collection also includes toner and face patches. At CVS, you can find The Crème Shop x Hello Kitty collection with lip oil, mascara, tinted lip balm, lashes, lip patches, and face masks. CVS also has Hello Kitty plush animals that are Easter themed and highly sought after.

6. Miniso


i wanted everything 😩 lol such cute things💗 #miniso #hellokitty #sanrio

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Credit: @steezymarie/TikTok

Miniso is a shop that’s becoming popular on TikTok for stocking cute everyday items and decor. In addition to its usual array of items, Miniso also usually stocks Sanrio and Hello Kitty items like home decor, stationary, keychains, bags, kitchen appliances, and other accessories. If you have a Miniso in your area, I recommend stopping by to look around.

7. Thrift Stores

While it’s probably easier to find Hello Kitty and Sanrio-related products from the previously mentioned stores, Hello Kitty hunting at your local thrift stores or resale shops increases your chances of finding older and rarer Hello Kitty items. From clothing and accessories to house appliances and stuffed plush toys, you can find an array of Sanrio products. The only downside of Hello Kitty hunting at thrift stores and resale shops is that there’s less of a guarantee of finding Sanrio products before others find them. This makes it more difficult for newer Hello Kitty Hunters. 

Credit: @hkittywrld/TikTok

Advice for new Hello Kitty hunters

1. Don’t be disheartened

It can be really frustrating to see that a store has sold out of some of the items you wanted. Especially if you’ve gone to multiple stores. I recommend checking a store’s website to see if you can buy the items that were sold out in stores. If this doesn’t work, you can wait to see if the stores will restock these items or you can look for people reselling Sanrio products. The only downside to this is that they’re usually more expensive.

2. Keep an open eye

Whenever you go shopping, be on the lookout for Sanrio and Hello Kitty items. Look in places where you wouldn’t expect to find Sanrio products. Occasionally, people will hide their Hello Kitty finds and leave them in unexpected places. You should also explore more than just the stores listed here.

3. Have fun

In the end, Hello Kitty hunting is supposed to be a fun activity. Have fun when you go out and enjoy all the cute Hello Kitty items you find!

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