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Top 5 Best Materials for Outdoor Furniture in Brisbane

Choose the best for your garden.

Home to over one million people, Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia. It is famous for its incredible weather which is almost perfect all year round. The city has a fast-growing economy with over 127,000 registered businesses, as reported by the Brisbane City Council. Due to its fantastic climate, its outdoor space and outdoor furniture sector are also thriving. The outdoor furniture in Brisbane comes in different materials, each one having its benefits and disadvantages.  

To pick the right material for your outdoor furniture, you need to consider its appearance, price and durability. Here is a helpful guide to help you pick the best material for your outdoor furniture. 

Synthetic resin 

While synthetic resin looks pretty similar to rattan, they are of two entirely different species. It is one of the best materials for outdoor furniture and usually woven in a wicker weave. It is lightweight, stylish, durable, easy-to-clean, and requires low maintenances.  

Be sure to buy high-density polyethylene or HDPE instead of the low-cost PVC wickers since the latter quickly unravels, cracked, and brittle. Most furnishings are made on aluminium frames, thereby associating the synthetic resin furniture to the aluminium’s sturdiness. 


This material is the ideal wood choice for patio furniture. Its amazing features include all-climate capacity, durable, and attractive grained finish. Unlike other kinds of naturally-occurring woods, teak produces its own oil. Since teak is a hardwood, its surface is sturdy and can withstand dents or dings.  

Compared to woods like cedar and pine that homeowners need to store during the winter season, teak wood can last a long time of up to fifty years. It makes for an excellent outdoor dining tabletop. While it is not as light as aluminium furniture, it is still portable and provides a higher load capacity. Nevertheless, wood tends to absorb moisture resulting in mildew, mould, and rot. So, homeowners who wish to purchase teak outdoor furniture in Brisbane should learn how to care and maintain this material appropriately. 

Cast Aluminum 

This material is excellent for outdoor furniture since it is durable and lightweight. However, if the house is located in areas which experience high wind gusts, stay away from cast aluminium outdoor furniture. This material is an ideal material choice for outdoor chairs since people tend to move the dining chairs in an out during a meal. In most circumstances, aluminium provides more than enough support.  

Still, not all aluminium is created equal. Its quality varies from one manufacturer to another. Thus, be sure only to purchase outdoor furniture made of cast aluminium from a reputable brand in Brisbane. 

Wrought iron 

Wrought iron is a historical furnishing element. The term wrought refers to worked-by-hand, thereby making wrought iron different from cast iron, which is created using moulds. Homeowners who wish to purchase quirky and handcrafted outdoor furniture should opt for wrought iron furniture. The downside of wrought iron, however, is that it is a lot heavier than aluminium. 


Steel is a material created from a mixture of iron and carbon, which add strength and anti-rush properties to steel. Among the many outdoor furniture’s materials, steel is by far the most durable material. It is also more costly and burdensome. Hence, homeowners should avoid picking steel materials for furniture that is often moved, such as a dining chair. Steel may also rust without proper coating. 


There are various materials to choose from when it comes to outdoor furniture. To ensure you get the best outdoor furniture, stick with reputable brand and companies in Brisbane. 

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