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A Guide for Not Overdoing It at Parties This Fall

Parties are coming up as the semester is coming back into the swing, and students are coming back to campus to start a brand new semester.

Photo by mentatdgt (Pexels)

October is when all Fall activities are done in the dark and come to light for a season of blissful fun.

It’s that time of year when it starts to get cold, and the festivities come about. Fall is always the start of relationships, seeing families, and going out with friends. So, why not have a party? Parties are coming up as the semester is coming back into the swing, and students are coming back to campus to start a brand new semester. This semester will be back to normal as Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, and some parties and activities will be up and running. Although that may be the case, sometimes partying too hard may lead to problems for the semesters.

As people start to plan or even go to parties, There are five steps for young people on how not to do it at parties this semester. Many young millennials and Generation Z have become interested in parties and anything fun.

Friends enjoying a meal and drinking beer. Image via Deep Graph (DGL) Images(Shuttershock).

One Must Eat Before Partying

Most people should know the basics. However, this first step is always messed up. People think they can go to a party without eating. Eating is one of the most important things to do before you drink. When you eat before drinking, the alcohol is absorbed more slowly than without eating. Usually, people who don’t eat before drinking get consumed very fast. Alcohol passes faster from the stomach to the small intestine into the bloodstream. 

Now you can’t just eat any food before you drink. Individuals need to consume a nutritious meal that helps avoid getting too drunk or having a bad hangover. Foods such as salmon, bananas, yogurt, nuts, and veggies with high water content would be beneficial. Typically, a person needs to eat at least an hour before drinking, which helps the food digest more so the body absorbs it as the individual drinks. Eating does not mean just because you eat to overindulge drinking.

Water is poured into a glass. Image via Alter-Ego (Shuttershock)

Hydration is Key. Water! Water!

As eating is essential for any person drinking, drinking plenty of water is vital for your body. Alcohol dehydrates the body, which causes the body to go to the bathroom. Most people who drink usually have to always go to the bathroom. The lack of water strips the body of critical electrolytes and amplifies the changes of a hangover. Individuals should always drink water before drinking but also during drinking. 

Individuals should drink water between each alcoholic beverage to help from becoming dehydrated. The primary reason for nausea and hangover effects from drinking is dehydration. In addition, a person’s body requires a lot of water to flush the toxins from your system. After drinking alcohol, it’s best to drink a bottle of water. Most people probably won’t feel like it; it will reduce the adverse effects of overindulgence.

Pace yourself and Brace yourself

Everyone knows that drinking comes with peer pressure. Peer pressure is a massive impact on someone’s drinking. Most people overindulge their drinking to keep up with friends and family at parties. However, this is not only a bad thing but causes certain events that the individual will not be happy with the next day. However, some people don’t know how to pace themselves while drinking. Pacing yourself requires limits gradually. Limits are “knowing when you hit your limit or feeling the buzz”. Once you feel tipsy after one or two drinks, drink water and stop drinking. The average person’s liver can process one to two drinks an hour, equivalent to one shot per hour. Once the person goes past that, you’ll be intoxicated. In addition, everyone’s drinking limit is different. So make sure once you feel that buzz, take a break and drink some water to avoid a hangover or nausea.

Friends at a party on their cell phones. Image via View Apart (Shuttershock)

Hold On To Your Phone but Don’t send that Text.

Your cellphone. Your everything.Your communicator. The device has almost everything you need other than eating. Your cell phone is always with you wherever you go. However, sometimes you can lose it or misplace it. Most often, individuals misplace their wallets, keys, or phones at a function, especially when alcohol is in the room. While you’re at a party, individuals need to make sure to always have a tight leash on their phones. Parties are big on pickpocketing or stealing cell phones. Individuals should always keep their phones in their hands and in sight while at parties. 

Whether it’s not trying to lose your phone at a party, there is another thing to watch out for. Using your phone to send a drunk text. “Drunk minds speak sober thoughts “is a saying that has been around for generations. People tend to get drunk and call their ex. Before you go out drinking, change your ex or whoever you got feelings for to your mother’s name. Some apps even have “drunk mode”. For example, the Gmail app has this mode where you have to solve math problems before sending an email. Even setting timers can help a person, not drunk text. Drunk texting never ends in a great way so remember to “drunk mode” your phone while also keeping up with it before you party hard.

Come on, We Heading Home

Lastly, the essential thing after drinking or going drinking is getting home. Getting home is one of the most important things discussed in this article to keep you safe. Imagine you’re having fun with your friends at a party. Everyone was drinking and having a good time. However, everyone needs to get home. Around the world, DUIs and drunk driving have been an issue. Nobody should be drinking and driving, which can cause harm to you and others. 

 Though there’s an unpopular part to the popular part.., “when is it safe to drive? “. Even if you think you’re safe to drive, remember that you’re risking your life and everyone else’s lives. The most important thing is to know how alcohol impacts you. Some people process alcohol fast enough that after one drink/hour, they are sober and able to drive “safely.” The tough part is not to overvalue your abilities. You may feel “fine” and entirely in control, and you’ll continue to feel okay until you realize you hit someone or are in a ditch. Even though you may get away with driving after one drink/hour, you’re still experimenting with uncertainty. Since you’re hanging other people’s lives in the balance, is it worth it? No. There are many options, such as: calling a friend, having a sober driver in your group, Taking an Uber, calling a cab, or taking the train home, which is a better option to keep everyone safe. A sober driver in the group is always the more straightforward route because this person will ensure everyone gets home safely; however, this person should be straight while driving.

Don’t drink and drive home. Say “No” . Image via Pixelrain.

Remember… Options

As the year ends and a new beginning, parties are a vast hotspot that can be fun this season. They are times to be free to see old friends and family, gossip, reconnect and realize you’re better off without your ex. There are office and graduation parties, concerts, and kickbacks—family reunions. So before you go out with a “bang” with the girls or guys this weekend, take a deep breath and look at your options to stay safe. 

Enjoy yourself with a French 75, yet stay wise.

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