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Group Gets Left By Thai Scammers On Island

A vacation in Thailand almost turned deadly after scammers allegedly left British teens on ‘snake infested’ island.

Image via Caters News Agency

While on vacation in Thailand, a group of friends were approached by three men who offered them a great snorkeling deal, that turned out to be a scam, leaving them on an island for three hours.

The offer was for £20 ($26 USD). The group was taken to an island South of Bangkok, where they were told to get off the boat and swim to the island, before tossing them masks and driving off leaving them without food, water, or any guidance.

Image via Caters News Agency

Before driving off, the men were kind enough to warn the group to ‘stay away from the snakes’. “We were terrified when he mentioned the snakes. I was genuinely concerned we were going to be trafficked or something”, said Emily Ince, 19, one of the gils in the group.

After a few hours, and realizing that they had been left, the group found a local fisherman to get them help. Though help was on the way, the group was surprised to find the people to save them, were the same men who left them there in the first place.

After a quiet ride back to Thailand, the group got no refund and a sunburn, which seems better than the alternative of being stranded on an island.

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