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First All-Season Beach Comes to the UK at Cost of £250 Million

Tropical-type beaches in Manchester? Sign everyone up!

Credit: World Water Parks

Enough of the unbearable temperatures, the biting winds, the frigid waters. Enough of the mini-window of time to enjoy the UK’s beaches. Now, finally, the British can enjoy year-round beaches thanks to a new all-season beach.

That’s right. Now, for the first time in the UK’s history, residents will be able to enjoy the year-round comfort that only the tropics tend to offer.

The warmth of the Caribbean islands or the heat of the Maldives will now only be steps away for residents of Manchester. 

The new, £250 million waterpark will finally offer the UK year-round, all-season beach access. Instead of flying to Las Palmas or Santorini, UK residents need go no farther than their own Manchester.

Therme Manchester’s new waterpark, self-described as “the UK’s first city-based wellbeing resort,” will come to TraffordCity in Manchester in the span of a few years.

The website goes on to described that the park will offer “an immersive experience that benefits the mental and physical health and wellbeing of all who visit.”

This “next generation” waterpark will offer more than the expected “thermal bathing” and “wellbeing spa.” In addition, those who frequent this exciting new park will be able to find “immersive digital art, an on-site urban farm and botanical gardens.”

The website goes on to claim that the park will hold claim to the “world’s first living waterslides,” though it doesn’t describe what exactly such water slides will entail.

Along with its new all-season beach, the park will be home to a whopping 25+ pools and 35+ water slides. 

The complex will span a jaw-dropping 28 acres and is set “to become one of the top-2 all season water-based destinations in the world.”

The site goes on to explain that the complex will break ground in 2023, and the construction will take about two years to complete. 

The artificial environment will also contain over 1,500 biodiverse trees.

In all, the waterpark at Therme Manchester is expected to become a popular “wellbeing” destination for families, adults, and anyone looking to escape those UK winters. 


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