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Teacher Wears Anatomical Body Suit To Teach And Students Love It

Anatomy teacher wears bodysuit to class in an effort to spice up learning.

Image courtesy of Twitter / @nypost

For some kids, going to school is like pulling teeth. The idea of sitting in a classroom all day learning couldn’t be less exciting. That is unless your teacher decides to wear an organ body suit to teach anatomy class.

Verónica Duque, who has been teaching in Spain for 15 years, recently went viral (courtesy of her husband’s Twitter) due to her classroom attire.

Muy orgulloso de este volcán de ideas que tengo la suerte de tener como mujer😊😊
Hoy ha explicado el cuerpo humano a sus alumnos de una manera muy original👍🏻
Y los niños flipando🤣🤣
Grande Verónica!!!👏🏻👏🏻😍😍

— Michael (@mikemoratinos) December 16, 2019

In his Tweet above, her husband, Michael, explains that her outfit had her students “freaking out”.

I wish that there were more teachers like this. Ms. Duque, who also uses disguises to teach history, truly shows how much she cares about her work by showing up to class with her guts hanging out.

In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, Duque is using creativity to help grab students’ attention in an effort to help them learn; that’s truly amazing. You can see how many people agree with me once you go into the comment section of Michael’s Tweet.

In my years of attending school, teachers like Ms. Duque excited me to go to class, and I can tell you I was never an eager beaver to walk into the classroom.

Teachers that make things memorable make learning easier, and without even being there, I can confidently say that this bodysuit did that for her students. It actually reminds me of the time my fourth-grade teacher used a song to teach my classmates and me about all the bones in the body; those lyrics are still stuck in my head.

Hopefully, this viral Tweet inspires more and more teachers to be like Duque and my fourth-grade teacher. The world needs more people like them and less like this Japanese chemistry professor who taught his students how to make ecstasy.

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