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Virgin Create a Rum That ‘Tastes Like a Holiday’ Using Social Media Data

Where can I get some?

Everyone loves rum. Everyone loves holidays. What could possibly be better than holiday-flavoured rum?

It’s strange to think that if holidays had a taste, what exactly that would be like. When we think of holidays we think of relaxation, the sun, memories with family, luxurious beaches. So what would it taste like? This rum apparently has the answer.

A perfect way to remember all those wonderful times, you can simply take a sip and be taken back to those awesome memories. This is the first ever ‘holiday spirit’ by Virgin Holidays. The rum has been chemically altered to specifically evoke holiday memories. If we learned about that kinda stuff in school, maybe I would have paid more attention in science class.

The main way in which information was gathered for this rum to be created was through social media. Virgin used IBM Watson, the ‘Super Computer’ to obtain the data from over 15 million holiday goers to ascertain the best and most significant parts of what makes a holiday. This was done by analysing people’s social posts, to better understand their thoughts and feelings about holidays. Here’s a short video about how it was made:

The findings concluded that the main emotions associated with going on holiday were: happiness, adventurousness, curiosity, relaxation and excitement. These are embodied in certain flavours in the rum, such as vanilla, coconut and cinnamon. The perfect drink to cheer you up and remind you of a happier time throughout these dark winter days!

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