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Tik Tok’s ‘Because We’re Girls’ and Everything Else in Between

Should we just search girl trends on TikTok and then see what we find?

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Needless to say, society is in its prime era of girls. Across social media, girlhood has become a popular trend. For example, “girl dinner” and “girl math” have made their appearance on TikTok and Instagram just as Barbie debuted, and Taylor Swift grew into a global phenomenon.

As girl power rises, another craze is surfacing on TikTok: the “because we’re girls” trend. This allows women to validate themselves and the little things that bring them joy. It also embraces who they are at their core without judgment. The amusing aspect of this trend is the various subcategories TikTok users create, such as saying, “concert girls,” or “book girls.” This empowers the ‘girl community’ to make more relatable content for different personalities and people with different interests.

What Every Girl Relates To.

 The “because we’re girls” trend is something that most women can relate to and it’s also the most general one. For instance, TikTok user Madeleine Byrne shows the true meaning behind the “because we’re girls” trend, providing commentary on how girls love spending their time at Target or how girls go to the restroom together. These quirks are universal, and many women can agree with them.

The comments under this video all confirm how true and realistic the video is, as it authenticates how many girls feel and provides so much support in the girl community. It’s a safe space to be able to say, “Oh, I do that too!” without feeling outcasted or feel like the odd one out. 

What Every Sister Relates To

And even though this trend started with girls, people are using it to curate different scenarios and topics, like for siblings. But more specifically, for sisters. TikTok user, Logan Rae Hill, shows us the insights of sister love with this accurate take on relationships with family:


Well that escalated quickly…

♬ original sound – Logan Rae Hill

So, if you can’t relate to one thing, there’s always something else that will make you feel seen. Furthermore, what’s truly captivating is that this is the new normal. No more “we’re not like the other girls,” or “I’m too cool to be part of the majority” sort of false attitude. This is now the standard! It’s perfectly acceptable to be like the other girls and or to be able to relate to others with eccentric characteristics. Normalizing the collective has been an entertaining way to share common human experiences because without it, where’s the fun in that? So, the next time you find something “basic” and unextraordinary, don’t forget that others think and do the same as you. 

What Every Harry Styles Fan Relates To

And the trend continues, so much so that Harry Styles’ fans have taken the stage on TikTok. But can you blame them? He has a massive fanbase, and now the fandom has made its place in the “because we’re girls trend”:

Not only is music a powerful way to connect with others who adore the artist, but it has elevated a new sign of the times for fans in this latest trend. Even if you’re not an active listener of Harry Styles, this can be relevant to any artist’s music that you like. A certified Harry fanatic, Sora Soto, reveals how she hopped on the “because we’re Harry fans” trend.

“As a huge fan of the singer, I loved that the “because we’re girls” trend manifested into something that Harry Styles’ fans can identify with. These videos are made to feel simple in a matter-of-fact sort of way because it’s designed to just make sense for that collective. Like a more elaborated version of ‘if you know, you know.’ And to say the least, I definitely like to justify my love for the performer by saying “‘because we’re Harry Styles’” fans…”. And it’s as simple as that.” 

Sora Soto

And TikTok has undoubtedly made that simple.

To Conclude:

In conclusion, this trend has served as an outlet to be truly validated for being you. Whether that’s doing girl things, understanding the nature of having a sister or being passionate about your favorite celebrity, it’s something that normalizes the normal. At the same time, we standardize being different. So, the next time someone calls you “basic” or predictable, you already know how to perfectly clapback.  

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