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Influencers Are Stepping Into The Real World Now With Their ‘Real Jobs’

Molly-Mae is the latest influencer to have a ‘real job’.

Molly-Mae posing in her newest collection.

Molly-Mae Hague is the latest influencer to take on a ‘real job’. After keeping her fans in the dark for so long, she has finally revealed that she is going to be the new Creative Director for Pretty Little Thing. Her first move in her new job was to deliver a brand new collection, which she believes is her best so far. 

Who is Molly-Mae Hague?

For those of you who are not familiar with this name, you might remember her as being the bombshell who received second place with Tommy Fury on Love Island 2019. 

Despite her fame, Molly-Mae is just like any other 22-year-old. She shops in Primark, she loves going out with her boyfriend and she loves to snuggle up with her elephant teddy when she watches Harry Potter. The only difference being is that now she works for a multimillion-pound fashion company.

Pretty Little Thing is the go-to website for the latest fashion trends and now that Molly-Mae has a leading role in the company, she can produce a range of new designs for us to spend our money on. 

What is a Creative Director?

On a recent Q&A that Molly-Mae posted on her Instagram story,  she answered many questions that fans had been dying to ask her. A key one being – what actually is a Creative Director?

She answered with…

“Basically, I have creative input/lead within multiple areas of the brand. E.g. marketing, buying, influencers. It’s a 24/7 role… sharing ideas, coming up with incredible new concepts, having input on shoots, events, you name it.”

Most people are probably confused as to why an influencer would take on a more applied job description when they can earn money through promoting brands. However, it seems to be that many influencers are expanding their careers. For example, both Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski are Creative Directors for different companies.

Is this the latest trend for influencers?

Being an Influencer and a Creative Director

As an influencer, Molly-Mae has become an expert on marketing herself as a personal brand and many people admire her. As a Creative Director, she will be using these marketing skills and the platform she has built in order to expand the brand she is working for. It’s clear to see that these two roles overlap so the position should be quite natural for her to do. 

By being an influencer, Molly-Mae knows what sells and how to capture our attention. This will help her to make decisions when it comes to judging what the brand’s image should be. She can engage with her loyal fan base to see what they would like from her future collections and this can help her understand what’s going to work best. 

However, there have been arguments about whether this position is just a PR stunt for Molly-Mae. Sam Richardson, the Creative Director at 20ten, claims that the role is just a different way of publicising the brand. For example, when she wears PLT outfits, she has to caption the post ‘ad’ as part of Instagram’s guidelines for promoting products.

Part of me thinks that if she was legitimately hired by the company, working for them as their creative director, she wouldn’t necessarily have to caption it as an ad.”

What does this argument mean?

Overall, Sam Richardson is arguing that being the Creative Director of a band is just another way of saying that you are representing the brand. It’s a fancy term that connects you to a brand, this motivates your fanbase to associate you with this brand and results in them purchasing products from the brand. 

With this in mind, it is possible that the combination of being an influencer and a Creative Director will become increasingly popular. Who will be the next influencer to make this jump?


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