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How ‘Despacito’ Was Deleted From YouTube By Hackers

Hackers attack Youtube! Take Despacito and other songs down.

Credit: Public Records

Despacito disappeared from youtube some days ago, as other artists songs such as Drake, Post Malone, Katy Perry, Adele, Calvin Harris, Maroon 5 and Shakira. This was the work of some random Hackers.

Now, this attack to Despacito included changing the video to Netflix series ‘Money Heist’  images.

Also, they added “Free Palestine” message written underneath . Hackers ‘Prosox & Kuroi’sh @OpIsrael’ were responsible for this.

Furthermore,in an article by Wired , they write that the hackers didn’t hack onto Youtube platform but the VEVO account.

The hack might have happened due to poor 2 factor verification by VEVO.

What one of the hackers wrote in twitter is the following:


So, hacking onto accounts for fun and getting rid for a bit of Despacito is cool, now, can we expect this group to hack onto more stuff?


Well, hopefully they will…or they will get caught by police rather…


Finally, there is not only computer hacks in the world, gladly there is food hacks and here you can check one.

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