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Do Straight Men Hate Astrology?

Why is it always the straight men who have such dramatic reactions to astrology? This article seeks to explore the various potential reasons.

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In Western culture, whenever there’s a conversation revolving around astrology, men tend to immediately and passionately shut it down. “You’re not one of those, are you?

TikTok videos, trending articles and social media posts are quickly condemned with nasty comments from skeptics. Thousands of viral memes echo the same opinion: that those who like astrology are naive and dumb.

Frequently, this opinion comes from a demographic of straight men. Is this merely due to skepticism or closed-mindedness? Or does it involve elements of misogyny?

The predictability of an astrology hater

The moon
Astrology and the moon’s cycles. Credit: Shutterstock/JLStock

It is natural to have cynicism when it comes to any belief. Women who dismiss astrology often do so with a calm indifference or a humble acknowledgment of their limited knowledge, which prevents them from formulating an educated opinion. Conversely, it is often among men that we observe reactions charged with anger and passion.

The predictability of this anger is almost amusing. Oftentimes, women intentionally broach the subject in conversation to witness the dramatic reaction from men.

Lacking intricate knowledge about astrology prevents me from determining its absolute truth, and that’s ok. Some things in life don’t need to be proved or disproved. Despite this, I am intrigued by its concepts and remain open-minded to further understanding.

Astrological assumptions and generalizations

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What prompts anger and resistance toward a harmless superstition involving the stars? A common criticism often leveled against astrology is its presumptive nature. Nobody likes to be given unfair assumptions about themselves or be reduced to a vague box. Like anything, there are extreme astrology believers who may not date somebody because of their certain sign. And men are often put off by this idea.

Generally speaking, for women, this is rarely the case. The majority of women would never actually turn someone down because of their star sign. Typically, it is a harmless device used for self-improvement and intuition. So, do astrological assumptions ever cause real harm?

For example, If someone jokingly referred to me as two-faced because of my star sign as a Gemini, I wouldn’t take offense because I understand it is light-hearted and doesn’t hold deeper significance about my character.

The female-dominated field

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Some of the most influential astrologers were men, and without the credibility of their research, the present-day community would not be what it is. It is no longer a male-dominated community, with the rising inclusion of women and LGBTQ+ supporters.

According to Barbara Santini, since astrology has become feminized, men have rejected It due to toxic masculinity, a set of attitudes which tends to hate anything girly.

She goes on to say that perhaps male resistance stems from these marginalised voices using astrology as a means of self-expression. The spaces where women and others can delve into magical sovereignty might feel unfamiliar and unsettling to men.

Professional astrologer Desiree Roby Antila says, “Metaphysics, astrology and tarot have recently boomed because, historically speaking, this was a space where witchy women could have access to their own independence that was never defined by or connected to a man…astrology has a direct correlation to sexism.”

Toxic masculinity

One theory states that perhaps straight men perceive astrology as feminine territory and thus feel entitled to belittle it for the same reason they feel entitled to belittle anything else society has coded as feminine. After all, the very thread that holds a patriarchal society intact is the fundamental belief that womanhood itself is inherently inferior. Consequently, anything associated with it is deemed trivial and foolish.

Despite enduring diversity within the astrological community, there is a growing trend of astrology in popular culture that doesn’t seem to capture the interest of a male audience. Advertising, merchandise and the media surrounding astrology are predominantly tailored to women. Platforms like TikTok and astrological Instagram accounts often feature more feminine on-screen names, such as @glossy_zodiac.

In general, toxic masculinity discourages emotional introspection. Perhaps a subconscious resistance to astrology may be linked to the apprehension of confronting one’s emotions, shadow self and inner conflicts. After all, astrology promotes self-reflection. Women are naturally more emotionally in tune.

Women and the cycles of nature

A YouTube video by @Thefinancialastrologer offers another perspective.

He elucidates how women typically embody more feminine energy due to the hormone estrogen. Consequently, they are more receptive to astrology and nature’s cycles, living in harmony with their natural rhythms. They can even track their menstruation cycles by correlating them with the scientific phases of the moon.

Contrasting to this, masculine energy is “here to assert itself and initiate action. To create a cause and not absorb an effect.” Straight men often exhibit a preference for logic and rationality.

Internalized misogyny

So, is male disdain toward astrology a mix of societal conditioning perpetuated by the media and other men in their lives? Internalized misogyny can manifest oddly, like getting annoyed that people might find some fleeting solace or comfort in the stars. This, of course, is subconscious. Everyone has different experiences, and we cannot generalize. This is merely an exploration of ideas.

There are many people who do not believe in astrology in a calm and respectful way. Disliking astrology doesn’t inherently brand someone as a raging misogynist. Regardless of your own opinion, if somebody’s beliefs are not harming anyone, then it is important to be respectful, even open-minded. What harm will supporting underrepresented communities in their quest for deeper understanding do?

As they say, it’s never good to be certain about anything in life. In that way, you will never grow.

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20 year old student from Dublin studying english and sociology in trinity. On a 6 month internship with trill mag ! :))

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Helen casey

    May 2, 2024 at 6:01 pm

    This is such an interesting article . Gave me plenty of food for thought

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