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Chinese Company Shows They Value Cleanliness By Eating From Urinals!

We wouldn’t mind a plate…

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There is a lot of ways to cook potatoes. It is a thing of beauty. However, stirring up potatoes in a urinal? I’m not so sure.

A food company in China did some training in some public toilets. Not only did the general manager eat potatoes from the urinal, but the rest of the staff had a table set up to eat their lunch. Why I hear you ask? Simply to prove the cleanliness of the toilets!

Furthermore, the company based in Beijing explained this behaviour. They say that it is a tradition of every 25 years. The supervisors eat together in the toilets to demonstrate how they value cleanliness over everything else.

While the idea is endearing, and we appreciate the company’s commitment to being clean, it is a little over the top. Just because something is clean, it doesn’t mean you need to eat off it. There is a reason why the place we eat and the place we go to the toilet are different places.

This crazy tradition is taking cleanliness a bit far!

Although we appreciate tradition if the employees in this company feel motivated by their cleanliness then who are we to judge? The fellow employees have no problem following suit when they are asked to indulge in the urinal food.

Potatoes can leave a sour taste in the mouth, especially for this woman who spent $100 and got a box of them instead of an iPhone!

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