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A Doozy Of A Podcast – Kanye West On Joe Rogan Experience

Keepin’ it 300.

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Joe Rogan consistently tops the podcast charts with his show The Joe Rogan Experience. Started in 2009, the podcast has become a global sensation with millions of downloads per month. Rogan keeps the show interesting with his guests, and we hear this month will be especially entertaining.

Rogan has had everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Elon Musk appear on his show, and he also frequently hosts world-class comedians. If you’ve listened to even one episode of Rogan’s podcast, you know he enjoys sticking to his typical conversation avenues of peculiar political views, DMT, and non-mainstream opinions.

With 2019 upon us, who better than Yeezy to join Rogan as he discusses all things controversial? On a yet-to-be-specified date, Kanye West will join the former standup comedian on The Joe Rogan Experience.

Ye on Rogan’s show guarantees amusement…for better or for worse. We can already picture the scene: both men sitting at their microphones, shootin’ the shit, with the audience hanging on every word.

For now, the only details about West on the podcast were revealed in a New Year’s Day tweet from the rapper.

Hopefully the episode will be released before the month’s end. We can‘t wait another minute to hear all the word vomit that is sure to flow very freely on this particular show.

Seems like Rogan has kept quite busy ahead of this episode. Catch up on his latest antics.

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