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Montenegro Is About To Crown The World’s Laziest Person!

Yes, it is a real title!

There’s a crown for the laziest person? Where do I sign!?

Etno Village, a tourist resort in northern Montenegro, holds an annual world championship to find the laziest person. If you enter and win, you could earn yourself 200 euros for doing absolutely nothing! (Yes, you who hasn’t moved from the sofa in hours, this is right up your street!)

However, like every good thing, there’s always a catch. You are to remain lying down when eating, using your smart phone and sleeping.  The rules are so strict that you are not allowed to move even to go to the loo… messy.

This must have proved difficult for last years winner who lay down in laziness for 33 hours and 30 minutes. But, this did not even come close to the world record of 37 hours! That bed must have smelled beautiful by then…

Despite this, if you think about it, 37 hours doesn’t seem like a long time and I’m sure you’re all thinking that you could do better!

But, even on your laziest days you still walk around the house right? Perhaps being lazy is more of a challenge than we all thought! Good luck fellow sloths, good luck.

You lazy people will love this theory then! 

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