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Message Mowed Into a Lawn For Trump To See On His Trip To The UK

UK teen has a message for Trump.

Photo credit: born_eco

A UK teen mowed several messages into a field, so U.S. President Trump could see while on his trip to the UK.

According to the Bishop’s Stortford Independent, the 18-year-old student, Ollie Nancarrow from Bishop Stortford, a village outside of London, mowed the message near the airport where Trump was scheduled to land.

The teen also mowed other pictures including a polar bear and a penis.

Credit: born_eco

Trump has been one of the biggest opponents to climate change and many of his policies reflect his beliefs. He has claimed that climate change is a hoax and used winter storms to fight off the idea of global warming.

Nancarrow told the Bishop Stortford Independent, “Donald Trump and his denial of climate change are not welcome and I want him to be fully aware of that when he flies into Stansted on Monday.”

For more on climate change, check out Photographer Quietly Fights Climate Change For 20 Years

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