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How to Plan the Perfect First Date on a Budget 

Dating a person should be about getting to know them as a person.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto(Unsplash)

Dating is an adventure, yet in this new world, it can be the most complex experience.

It’s 2022, and everyone is finally receiving the cold weather they have been asking for. The fall and winter seasons are full of festivities, carnivals, trips, and family gatherings. Although spending time with friends and family may be great, holidays and the cold always make people find someone special to share the holidays with. September to December is the perfect month to find someone special to wear matching pj’s, sit by a fire, or cuddle up with an excellent movie. But before you get into all that cuddling, you need to date and put yourself outside. But what does a person do if money is tight for a date? Here’s a guide on how to plan a perfect date on a budget.

Couple at a restaurant drinking. Image via Nejron Photo (Shuttershock)

Step 1: Girl, I want to know your name

Before you take anyone on a date, you need to know who the person is. You need to understand what the person likes and dislikes. When preparing a budget for the date, know what the person eats and doesn’t eat. Most people are allergic to certain foods, such as nuts, shellfish, and lactose intolerance. So daters should note food allergies, especially for food dates. 

Dating a person should be about getting to know them as a person. After learning a person dislikes and likes, try to see what you guys have in common. Having standard simulators can make you guys get together faster. For example, ask them if they like tacos or not; if they agree to eat tacos, keep that in a note about the person.

Step 2: Get down to sweet talking & planning

Once you get to know who they are, for the most part, plan to ask them out. Everyone has a different first date when they ask a particular question: “ What’s your ideal date?”. It would be best if you always kept in mind that a person’s ideal first date is based on an idea. Some dating people don’t pay attention to the perfect date answer.  It would help if you always considered how they answered the question and kept it in mind.  Dates should be fun and adventurous for both people involved. The person asking the other on a date should prepare to ask about the time, date, and place. Both parties should remember to schedule their date on a day that is free for them. 

Furthermore, everyone should plan the date at least one week in advance. Everyone should follow up the day or 2 hours before the date. It would help if you always talked to the person the day before and the day of the date out of respect. If the date has to be canceled, give a legitimate reason not to fake the person. Canceling a date last minute can cause a ridge at the beginning of the relationship

Budgeting for a date. Image via Ostanina Anna(Unsplash)

Step 3: Come on and Talk for a Minute about the Budget

Lastly, once the date is finally here, you should budget. Budgeting is always friendly before going on a date, especially in your early 20s to 30s. College students can still go on dates even if money is tight. Budgeting can be a helpful tact. For example, if you are going to an expensive restaurant at 5:00 pm on Tuesday, keep in mind to enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about the price or the bill. You are on a date to enjoy yourself. 

Most people determine whoever asks the person on the date should pay out of respect. As the person paying and requesting the person on a date, plan based on your budget that meets the required likes. For example, let’s say the person’s ideal date is going bowling and to a Japanese restaurant on a night out. You should keep the date for an evening, such as 5:00 pm for bowling. Most bowling arenas have an hour, so bowl for an hour for $30. Next, pick a Japanese restaurant that is affordable for the date. If your budget is  $100, select an affordable place on the menu.

There are plenty of excellent restaurants that are good on a budget, especially for anyone in their 20s to 30s. Although having a budget is very responsible, there is a difference between cheap and affordable. The dater should never forget to “take someone somewhere where you wanna be taken”.

Wine date looking out toward the sea. Image via Mariannelli

After you enjoy the date and do all the steps, plan a second date if it goes well. Dating is all about trial and error. Sometimes it works out for the best or not. Fall seasons are perfect for finding someone special to get to know better. Dating and being on a budget can work if you start thinking about how you would date yourself. Long as you keep budgeting and scheduling (don’t be cheap), the date should go to everything you want.

Keep on talking, and don’t be shy to get to know a new person.

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