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Get Your Hands On A Pair Of Retro Apple Trainers Selling For £23,000

Most hipster fashion accessory of the year.

Photo: Heritage Auctions

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Size 9 feet? Bad news: it’s likely you just missed out on bidding for a pair of super rare apple trainers.

If you wander into your local Apple store today, you’re unlikely to find the staff in identical footwear. However, this trainer, the Apple Corporate, was designed in the early 90s (but never made it past the prototype phase) as part of the brand’s exploration into the world of fashion. The 1986 clothing line, the Apple Collection, featured shirts, visors, oversize jumpers, and belts, all adorned with bright colours and the frequent appearance of the brand’s original rainbow apple logo.

This white trainer is no different with the logo on both the tongue of the shoe and the side. Even without such they seem to fit perfectly into the retro fashion that is all the rage, being not dissimilar to many other shoes on the market. However, what makes these seemingly innocuous trainers particularly special is that rumour has it that only two pairs exist.

Consequently, Heritage Auction has forecasted a £23,000 selling price. That’s a significant increase on the £62 they sold for on eBay in 2007. The opening bid comes in at over £11,500, and the action starts at 6.50 GMT. Whilst these anticipated prices do not exceed the £2.7million price for “The Fire Monkey” trainer designed by Dan Gamache last year, they nevertheless far exceed the usual asking price for a pair of trainers.

So, if you’re willing to sell a kidney for science, or have incredible ability to save pennies, head over to Heritage Auction to become the proud owner of fashion’s latest offering. If you miss out, don’t worry, you can spend your money buying 23 iPhone 8s instead!

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