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What’s Happened To The McDonald’s Pizza?

Spoiler: It’s dead.

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Over here in the UK, the McPizza is less than a rumour. No one has heard of it. But in America it was on its last legs for a number of years. After becoming a commercial flop across the country, the global fast food chain relegated it to just a few locations. Die-hard fans would travel thousands of miles to taste this pizza in Pomeroy, Ohio or Spencer, West Virginia. Has it now finally graced its last cardboard box?

This pizza started life out in the 90s. The goal was, presumably, to have it become a staple in every chain. They ran a successful ad campaign for it too.

However, not long into its run did it begin to encounter some issues. The wait time was the main one. McDonald’s reputation as a ‘fast’ food chain, felt this was being ruined by the 11 minutes needed to produce the McPizza. People clamouring to get their cheesy, tomato-y fix had to wait around for much longer than for your average cheeseburger meal. 

Honestly, it does look pretty good.

After all this time tucked away in these small American towns, it looks like the higher ups have finally shut the lid. If you, like many of us, didn’t get a chance to try this failed menu item, I’m sorry to say you never will. It has now been consigned to the scrap heap, sitting just next to the Mulan Szechuan sauce. If only we could access our memories to somehow relive our experiences of the foods we miss…


I can die happily now #mcdonaldspizza #mcdonalds #yum

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It’s sad to see it go. But as we all know all good things must come to an end. And though this had so much potential, McDonald’s is a business and they have to trim the fat and let go of anything that doesn’t fit their brand.

So long, McPizza, we didn’t even know ya.

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