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VIDEO: Cowboy YouTuber Shows You How to Make Your Own Big Mac!

A mighty fine burger, if I do say so!

Apparently I’m a food blogger now. Ever heard of Cowboy Kent Rollins? I hadn’t and he’s got over a million subscribers on YouTube. So now that we’re all locked inside why not check him out as he instructs us on how to make our very own version of Mickey D’s Big Mac burger.

I wouldn’t associate cowboys with home cooking but Kent enjoys making his own all-American Southern-style versions of food. The one real takeaway I got from the video was “don’t mash your burgers!”.

It’s worth him repeating a few times.

Video Credit: Cowboy Kent Rollins YouTube

The end result looks pretty tasty and he takes us through it all step by step so that we can get a good understanding of the process. 

A lot of us have more time on our hands these days so it could be a fun thing to try whilst you’re stuck at home.

And since it’s a pretty big burger, you now have your excuse to go out for your one bit of exercise for the day and burn off that Big Mac. Yay!

Cowboy Big Mac on the right!
Image Credit: Cowboy Kent Rollins YouTube

So, get cracking and see what wonders you can create in your own kitchen! Who knows, with all these cooking videos going round, when this is all over maybe we’ll be professional chefs. Probably not though. Dalgona coffee anyone?

Now, this burger looks mighty fine! But one thing you shouldn’t put near your mouth is a toilet seat. Tell it to this influencer.

Featured Image Credit! Cowboy Kent Rollins YouTube

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