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This Sicilian Street Food Looks Tasty As F*ck!

A whole different ball game!

Sicilian street food sure looks tastier than ours! 

British street food hasn’t made much of name for itself. In fact, apart from the odd ‘street food’ festival and a few diner-vans along the ‘A’ roads, there isn’t much to see. However, if there were, I can guarantee that you would not get the same care as this Italian guy offers.


In fact, this Sicilian street food vender is pretty careful in his selections, ensuring that his customers get the best sandwich possible. No fast food service here!

But yes, it does take a while to make. Selecting perfection takes time guys!

Take a look at this masterpiece of meat, cheese and salad crammed to the brim!

Hungry yet?

How about food from another part of the world?

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