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Salt Bae’s New Restaurant in Texas is Selling a $1,000 Steak

Can you afford a steak in Salt Bae’s new restaurant?

Twitter / @YouAdoreeShay

Are you looking for extravagance? Consider spending $1000 on a steak coated in gold leaf in Texas. 

The man that became infamous for spraying salt on steaks, Salt Bae, presents a 24-karat Tomahawk Wagyu steak on a menu.

The Turkish chef, also known as Nusret Gökçe, recently opened a new addition to his Nusr-Et Steakhouse chain restaurants in Dallas, Texas.

As an influencer and unforgettable meme, Salt Bae achieved instant success. 

Many rushed to the grand opening to experience the promise of luxury.

Coated in gold leaf, massive in its dimensions, and flavored by a beloved butcher, convinced a couple of people to take part in the expense.

Shocked, some users commented on the outrage of spending a substantial amount of money on a steak. 

See for yourself how a customer spends more than $6000 on a meal that will quickly go down the drain.

One user wrote, “$10 for sprite?” while another added, “What got me was the $19 for mashed potato!”

If you thought that was enough to have you shaking your head, keep in mind there is a mandatory service charge. A terrifying 18% for the tip. 

What do you think? Is it insane to pay $1000 on a steak? Or is it ridiculous to put a price on quality food?

Check out other extreme prices people are willing to pay on “Johnny Depp’s Village House Could Be Yours For a Cool $63 Million“. 

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