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Pulled Pork Burger With Fried Macaroni Bun Could Be The Next Best Thing

Too much?

Too much?

Now over the last decade, the burger has transformed and reformed from having lettuce as buns, along with fried noodles and french fries. But now, dare I say it, the burger world is inducting a new addition to the burger coalition: The Mac Daddy Beef Meats Pulled Pork from Eastway Brasserie in London.

This juicy burger entails a beef patty, topped with pulled pork, pillowed on lettuce and a slice of cheddar! All of these ingredients are stuffed in the middle of a fried macaroni and cheese bun. Some may say this is pressing the envelope a little too far because one must be willing to put a few extra pounds on, but I mean who cares when your taste buds can go on a savory trip to mac and cheese burger world. I mean there’s about two complete meals in this sandwich. But hey, it looks pretty darn good!

The craziest thing is that this burger is $21.00 and only available from August 21st to the 25th. I mean I don’t even pay that much for a pair of shoes. But since it’s food, I guess it’s totally worth it! However, on National Burger Day, August 24th, you get a 20% discount. And just incase you’re in the same boat as me and not a mathematician; on August 24th this burger will set you back a good $16.95. So save up your pennies (and your stomach) to try the Mac Daddy next week.

Thought this new addition to the “envelope pressing food world” was interesting? Check out this 1,000,000 calorie lasagna.

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