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Pizza Hut Unveil Shoes That Allow You to Order Pizza

More pizza madness.

More pizza madness.

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Following on from Domino’s button device and emoji-based ordering idea, competitor, Pizza Hut, has now invented a pair of sneakers – called Pie Tops – with which you can order pizza on the go. To sate your spontaneous takeaway cravings, all you need to do is squeeze the top of them.

Assuming someone actually wants to go around in a pair of shoes with ‘Pizza Hut’ emblazoned on them, then sure, this is about as innovative as you could wish for in terms of on-the-go ordering. I assume no joggers will be wearing them, as stopping mid-exercise to order pizza defeats the purpose of being outside at all.

Turns out the Pie Tops are limited to a meagre 64 pairs, with only a few being given to customers/fans. Maybe that’s a good thing. While the initial reaction might be ‘cool’, it might be a cause for concern if these ever saw mass distribution.

As someone who lives in a small university ‘city’ (more of a large town), in which there are now two Dominos outlets and one Pizza Hut, I am convinced that the world will, one day, resemble a series of metropolises comprised almost entirely of fast food chains. Time will tell.

Here’s one pizza, however, that most people won’t be ordering (but not because they don’t want to).

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