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Pete Doherty Wolfs Down 4,000 Calorie Meal Challenge

He’ll be set for the next couple days.

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For those who don’t know Pete Doherty, he’s a fairly simple fellow. He’s a British musician who enjoys playing guitar, shooting up drugs, and eating the occasional 4,000 calorie breakfast.

From one look at the guy you would not expect him to be able to down two days’ worth of calories in one sitting. The man resembles a string bean and is a junkie. Do junkies even eat? Okay, okay, enough throwing shade at Doherty for his (former) drug habit. It seems as though his new vice is completing insane food challenges.

Recently, Doherty and his bandmates moved to Margate and set up shop at the Albion Rooms hotel. During their stay, Doherty casually decided to attempt the Dalby Café breakfast challenge.

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The challenge consists of inhaling four eggs, four slices of bacon, four pieces of sausage, chips, hash browns, onion rings, bubble beans, mushrooms, two pieces of toast, and tea in under 20 minutes. Alan Wood, the Café’s manager, said that Pete successfully finished the challenge in 19 minutes. Wood had the following to say of Doherty’s feat:

“Plenty of other people come in and try it but fail. Pete just came in and ordered it, he finished it in under 20 minutes.

Afterwards, he just sat there and had a fag whilst watching they world go by.”

Honestly, Pete Doherty could probably do with a few more of those breakfasts. But even so, it’s hard to wolf down that much food at once when your body is not used to it. Well done.

All this food talk making you hungry? Check out this insane 96oz. steak challenge.

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