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Peaky Blinders Now Has Its Own Whiskey

Fans say it tastes like the twenties.

Credit: Peaky Blinders Whiskey

As Season 4 draws nearer, the folks at Sadler’s are meeting the show’s apparently huge fan base’s demands for more potable Peaky Blinders merch. This time, they’re bringing refreshments.

Turns out these guys actually own a lot of the real-life joints from the show. You know, the ones the real Peaky Blinders used to be regulars at. Seems only fitting that their latest release commemorates that show your roommate seems obsessed with lately.

Credit: BBC

Peaky Blinders whiskey comes from the classic Irish tradition, but they haven’t stopped there. Their rum, which offers twists of orange, vanilla, and raisin, is probably really cool to try if you’re into that show. And you can pick ‘em up for thirty pounds each. That’s probably about thirty bucks. If you’re interested, you can get it here. Comes in the standard 70cL, or as they say on Pinky Blenders, one dindy blop-stopper’ere, eh?

In fact, the nation’s roommates have been talking about that show nonstop for like a week so there must be something big coming up.

Who’s ready for season four? 

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