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McDonald’s Is Now Selling Sweet Potato Fries

Took your sweet potato time McDonald’s!

Image: ©McDonald’s

Took your sweet potato time McDonald’s!

I want fries now dag nab it! I want fries with my Big Mac, fries with my Chicken Selects, fries with my sausage and egg McMuffin. Hell, I’ll take fries to dunk in my McFlurry!

Now it looks like McDonald’s are upping their fries game by adding the massively requested sweet potato fries to the menu. The slightly healthier option of fries have been spotted in restaurants in the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden and Norway.

Before you get too excited about the prospect of chomping down on some new artery clogging orange sticks of joy, McDonald’s told Femail (a section of the MailOnline) that it currently has no announcement to make regarding the fries and that they are currently unavailable in the US.

It’s safe to assume they aren’t available in the UK either with no reports coming out of the UK as yet.

Image: ©McDonald’s

Spud-den turnaround

This isn’t the 1st time the exotic fries have appeared at Maccies. Back in 2015 the fast food giant trialed the side in some test locations in Amarillo, Texas.

Realising the popularity of the fries has been a slow process for McDonald’s. Consequently, the sudden turnaround in selling the alternate fries shows they’ve finally caught up with food trends.

In contrast, McDonald’s were well beaten to the potato treat by it’s rival Burger King who trialed the fries back in 2012 but didn’t make them a permanent option on their menu.

The fries don’t appear on the chain’s online menu but are visible via a specific search on the chains US website. For those of you that like to count the calories the site states that a medium portion contains 280 calories and 18 grams of fat.

Fans have been clamoring on social media for the side to be made available to all of its locations worldwide. 

Images via Twitter

Let us know below if you’re praying to the fast food gods for sweet potato fries to pop up in your local McDonald’s. Heading on your holidays to one of the locations? Let us know what they taste like! Here’s what else the fast food giant has been up to lately.

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