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KFC is Launching a Christmas Dinner Box

A stuffing burger and ‘festive fries’ are just a few of the goodies!

Pursehouse, David. KFC Christmas Dinner. December 22, 2010. Retrieved via

With Thanksgiving just a little over a week away, it’s actually a good time to start thinking about Christmas. Christmas is filled with many different traditions that families share together. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to have new traditions. Well, KFC must have been reading our minds because they have launched a new festive Christmas menu!

The Menu Items

According to timw_brap (, KFC will have a “Christmas dinner box with festive fries and a stuffing burger” ( 1). The stuffing burger will have the “Original Recipe fillet with a a hash brown, sage and onion stuffing mayo, cranberry dressing and cheese” ( 1). The festive fries are “sprinkled with a heap of smoky seasoning of toasted onion, pepper, garlic and herbs” ( 1). As someone who has been less than impressed with KFC for many years and has stopped going, this sandwich and fries actually does sound good! And that’s not all. They will also have a “Mint Choc Krushem Soft Serve dessert. This is packed with a dollop of vanilla ice cream, chocolate and mint sauce, as well as sprinklings of Cookie Crunch, and a glittery chocolate bow tie” ( 1). If this doesn’t put you in a festive spirit, I don’t know what will.

Mozart, Mike. KFC Christmas Snowman decorations made from Chicken Buckets. December 26, 2014. Retrieved via

While this is still a fast food chain and the descriptions probably are making the food sound better than it may actually be, I do give them credit for putting in the effort. I am a sucker for a good seasoned fries though so those sounds the most intriguing. I may have to actually go to a store and try these at least. Get out there and try these!

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