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Ben and Jerry’s Just Released a Birthday Cake Flavored Ice Cream

New Ice-cream will blow out your mind!


Some days ago, new food UK reviewed a new Ben & Jerry’s flavor, the “Birthday cake”. And they loved it. 

Nevertheless, you can get this ice cream for 4£ and it is totally worth it.

What New Food UK said about it was

“So my expectations was really high for this, because it sounds amazing!! And guess what? It was!! The cake pieces are incredible, and the frosting swirl is so tasty! As for the ice cream, it really has a nice flavour to it! It’s just so tasty, overall it’s one of my favourite Ben and Jerry’s yet!!… 9/10”

So apparently it is very nice.

Personally, I love ice cream and I love cake and wouldn’t care to try some of it, it would be like having the best of two worlds.

If you would like to have delicious ice cream then, go and get it for yourself.

Then, if you don’t you can always have more interesting ice-cream flavors like this one on a past article that you can read HERE.

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