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Is This Nottingham Chip Shop The New Binley Mega Chippy?

The Chip Inn is following in Binley Mega Chippy’s footsteps.

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We all remember when Binley Mega Chippy took over the internet, but a new kid on the block is now threatening to take the title of the best English chip shop.

The Chip Inn has put Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire on the map, making a name for itself by selling what is believed to be the United Kingdom’s biggest takeaway fish dish that weighs over 1 stone. The whopping weight includes four pieces of battered fish, the equivalent of three portions of chips, eight sausages, four fish cakes and, to top it all off, ten pots of baked beans, mushy peas, curry sauce and gravy. It really is quite a feast.

Allegedly serving four people, the £40 hefty meal is just over 8kg at 1 stone and 4lbs, fitting snugly inside a 20inch pizza box so you can take it home and savour the magnificent meal. Consisting of 4,500 calories, the fried delight has drawn attention from across the world, with eager individuals travelling to try a taste of the huge portion.

Home to a variety of munchie boxes, the aptly named Codfather is their biggest selection of food yet and is arguably the world’s biggest fish and chip portion. As a result, the attention it has gained on social media has been massive, projecting the small chip shop into the homes of everyone through their phone screens. Some people have been so fascinated to try the humongous meal and everything else the Chip Inn has to offer that they’ve journeyed upwards of two hours to get there.

Another chip shop that went viral and had customers travelling from far and wide was the summer sensation Binley Mega Chippy. The Coventry chip shop took over TikTok, even having a song made in its honour. Offering similar food in equally-as-large portions, although the Chip Inn has yet to be rivalled in its 8kg takeaway meal. Binley Mega Chippy’s fame was somewhat short-lived, spanning just under two months before the hype died down.

Chip Shop Fame

We can expect a similar timeline to occur when it comes to the Chip Inn, with the fame already beginning to die down after a mere week. The immediate hype has passed, leaving the chip shop less inundated than it may have been recently, but still receiving more orders than before it hit the internet. One of the issues with this type of fame is it passes very quickly and unless you’re committed to visiting for some good grub, you’re unlikely to give the chippy another thought.

Similarly, once you’ve travelled hundreds of miles to eat the food, there’s very little chance you’ll make the journey again, so the craze of visiting will soon be over for the Huthwaite shop. The success of their online platform means their status as the biggest chip shop takeaway meal will stand, but their customer numbers are sure to unfortunately fall.

For now, the Chip Inn can bask in its online glory, but it’s sure to end soon and its memory will be a long-forgotten one. However, these recent surges in chip shop fame are proving to be rewarding for sales, ensuring there is a positive to this quickly extinguished fire.

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