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Inside ‘Blank’: Belfast’s First Surprise Restaurant

If you’re a picky eater, maybe this isn’t for you.

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Ever struggle to know what you really want to eat? Well fear not, Blank takes the choices away from you and you get a bit of everything!

Unconventional is certainly the first thing that comes to mind when you go into a restaurant and there’s no menu. However, this South Belfast-based creation hands you their ‘Blank List’ – an alternative menu of sorts. It’s an amalgamation of ingredients that form the tasting menu for the evening. The catch? You won’t find out the dishes you’ll be eating until they land straight in front of you!

Using solely local produce, Blank provides its customers with authentic Irish food in the form of a 5 course tasting menu, with menu being the ironic aspect. Food is sourced from both the North and South of Ireland, with each ingredient having its own backstory as customers are told directly where it’s been sourced from.

Due to the food being so fresh, the ‘Blank List’ changes regularly, so it truly is a surprise whenever you turn up. Some of the highlights from today’s list (February 11th) include Mill Dam Beef Sirloin from Lisdergan Butchery in County Tyrone and McConnell’s Whisky straight from the McConnell family in Belfast.

Speaking to them directly, the team at Blank told us the ‘Blank List’ is

Hyper seasonal so it depends on all the ingredients involved. Some are on for days, some for weeks depending on microclimate and supply consistency.

Blank Belfast

Sat proudly on the Malone Road in South Belfast, the restaurant is a stones throw away from attractions such as Queen’s University, the bustling Lisburn Road and the ever popular heart of the capital city. But if the exterior attractions weren’t enough to draw you in, the interior decor certainly will!

With plush velvet seats and lighting to really set the mood, you won’t be short of comfort whilst you devour what they have to offer. Described as “the perfect setting for the perfect foodie place, where you can unwind, relax and let us take you on a culinary journey”, it’s the perfect experience for any special occasion or even just to treat yourself and see what local produce is on offer.

Blank offers you fine-dining with an exciting twist, something that has resulted in an array of gleaming reviews since their opening in October 2021. But if surprise dishes aren’t quite to your taste, there’s plenty of surprising celebrity career moves into the culinary world to check out instead!

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