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‘Hottest Hot Sauce In The World’ Uses Pepper X

Check out this hot stuff.

How high is your spice tolerance? Mine’s pretty pathetic, but if yours is impressive, maybe you can handle the heat of the ‘Hottest Hot Sauce in the World.’ 

‘The Last Dab’ is the latest ‘hottest hot sauce’ nowadays, thanks to the newly discovered Pepper X. The pepper measures 3.18 on the Scoville Scale, whereas the Dragon’s Breath pepper only measured at 2.48. Pepper X was created by Ed Currie (the man behind the Carolina Reaper) of PuckerButt Pepper Co., and he’s come together with The Heatonist in NYC to create ‘The Last Dab.’

What does it taste like, you may ask? Think of a mustardy… gingery… garlicky slow burn as it takes a while for the heat to really… slowly… punch you in the face and make you keel over in a puddle of your own sweat. To put it lightly.

YouTube channel First We Feast posted a video a few days back with all the information about ‘The Last Dab.’ You can watch the video here:

Seem appealing to you? Want a bottle? Well, you’ll have to wait a while. The first batch sold out in three minutes flat. That’s a total of 1,000 sold out in three minutes. I had no idea there were so many people willing to set their mouths on fire. Good luck to them…

Interested in more wild foodstuffs? Then, check this out: ‘Cheese Tea’ Has Arrived To Ruin Britain Forever!

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