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This Guy Went On An Epic Flying Mission To McDonald’s

No license or training needed.

The modern era is a time of true wonders, and mankind have truly achieved some amazing things. Democracy, science, technology. And now, flying to McDonalds on a paramotor.

We live in a time of immensely advanced technology but this guy really has taken things the extra mile. Tucker Gott is a fan of doing pretty crazy things. Just scrolling through his Instagram feed you’ll see some of his various flight missions. His latest one tops them all.

Believe it or not, there is no licence or training required to do this sort of flying. It’s just his hobby, and Tucker has done some pretty amazing things with it. Naturally, the young lad has acquired a pretty decent social media following. This has resulted in people asking him to go on flying missions to specific places.

The latest one being McDonalds, and lucky for us- he filmed the whole thing:

It may not have been his most luxurious of locations. But I’m sure it was still an experience. And what better way to reward yourself for an epic flying mission other than ordering 2 McDoubles? I can’t think of much. Just watching him glide through the air, you can’t help but be jealous. It doesn’t even look scary, just unbelievably chilled and fun. Look at him casually floating through the sky and eating a burger and try and tell me you don’t wish you were him. That’s right. You can’t.

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