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Greggs Launches Diet Plan to Help You Get In Shape

Minimize Me?

Image via: Greggs

Eat fast food and lose weight!

Greggs, a U.K based bakery chain, has recently unveiled a summer diet plan that could have you losing weight eating only food from their menu.

While this may sound outlandish, the diet does appear to work to some extent: the plan was developed by an independent dietitian, and three women and one man tried the diet for thirty days.

In a reversal of Morgan Spurlock’s “Supersize Me” documentary, Greggs documented the group’s considerable weight loss in a video aptly titled “Minimize Me.” Check it out below:

Altogether, the group lost about fourteen inches from their waists, though not without some difficulty. After all, eating food from one restaurant for an entire month has to get tough pretty fast. And there are certainly healthier and tastier diet plans out there.

Still, Greggs’ plan is a step in the right direction. The chain joins other fast food establishments, like Subway, that are trying to offer healthier options to combat obesity and weight problems.

In related news, Greggs will also begin selling sushi.

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