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Gordon Ramsay Ridiculed For Selling This English Breakfast For £19

And it doesn’t even look that good…

Featured Image Credit: Twitter @GordonRamsay

Megastar chef Gordon Ramsay has built a reputation for his lacerating online criticism of dishes sent to him by his followers. Indeed, for many, it is a badge of honour for their cooking mishaps to be ripped apart by Ramsay.

However, Ramsay has been given a taste of his own medicine after sharing a video of an english breakfast. The offending dish is shortly to be added to the all-new breakfast menu at Ramsay’s Savoy Grill eatery, when it reopens later this month. 

Take a look at the tweet which sent greasy spoon owners up and down the land into upload:

No toast? No beans? Only one sausage? And what is the point of those herbs? The outcry is justified.

Once the initial anger over the meagre contents of the breakfast had subsided, the tweeter’s ire turned to the price of the meal – which Ramsay had conveniently left out of his tweet. However, somebody soon shared the menu for the restaurant.

No, you haven’t read it wrong. £19. Nineteen of your hard-earned pounds to purchase that breakfast betrayal. Whilst one might expect breakfast in a fancy part of London to be a little more expensive, that seems a tad much.

To be frank, my biggest issue is that he’s charging you a fiver for a tomato. 

There’s little I enjoy more than watching Ramsay brutally tear down some hopeful chef on Hell’s Kitchen. In the case of this breakfast, however, I would recommend a local cafe which will be both cheaper and provide more food. A double win.

In the interests of balance, here’s a more positive story about the great chef.

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